Dynamic DNS con Script addns.pl

The Synology hard disk, includes a dynamic DNS client, with multiple suppliers : FreeDNS.orgno-ip.com , DynDNS.org , …

The case is it domain that I use "ricardocruz.es", registered with OVH, and I wanted to make it work with my dynamic IP.

Within their guides, explains how to configure dynamic DNS : http://guias.ovh.es/DynDns

Within the options that exposes the Guide, the only one that I got to run was the Perl script : addns.pl : http://www.funtaff.com/software/addns.pl/

The installation and configuration information, I I got the guide of OVH, and the following pages :

The first step, will be downloaded the script and decompressed :

CD /volume1/@tmp/
wget http://www.funtaff.com/software/addns.pl/addns-1.2a.tar.gz
tar xvfz addns-1.2a. .tar .gz

We will then move the perl script :

CD addns-1.2
CP  addns.pl /usr/syno/etc/addns.pl

The next step, will create the configuration file :

Nano /etc/addns.conf

The content of the configuration file must be similar to :

update_host = "ricardocruz.es""
detect_method = "webcheck""
ip_detect_host = "checkip.dyndns.org""
ip_detect_port = 80
server_host = "www.ovh.com""
system_type = "dyndns""
username = "user dynDns""
password = "Password dynDns""


cache = "/etc/addns.db""
log = "/var/log/addns.log""

We will then create 2 empty files, to store cached current Ip (addns.DB) and to record the activity of updating (addns.log):

touch /etc/addns.db
touch /var/log/addns.log

By all-out, We planificaremos through cron, the automatic execution of the script in perl, often as you want.

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