Modificar Synology Server

In this article indicate the steps I followed to modify / unlock my hard disk from network Synology Ds111, with the version of FirmWare DSM 3.1

With this modification, allows the installation of additional Software, through Ipkg packages.

The information on the steps that I followed has been obtained from the Synolog Wiki :,_bootstrap,_ipkg_etc and a Post explaining the DLNA Server installation (that will explain in another article) :
In this article are applicable to the DSM FirmWare corrections 3.1

The first step is to enable SSH access from the Control Panel of the NAS, under no circumstances you enable Telnet access :
Habilitar Ssh

The next step is to connect to the drive via Ssh, from Windows the tool most used is Putty (See).

The next step is to download the Script, you install Ipkg.
This script depends on the model of your Cpu; on the following page indicates the model of Cpu for the different hard Synology disk :

Us conectaresmos to the Nas by Ssh (Root user, and password for user admin), and change to the directory /volume1/@tmp ; We will unload the Script and execute it :
( The Script is in the case of the Ds11 Nas )

Executed commands once connected by Ssh :
CD /volume1/@tmp
wget http://wizjos.endofinternet.NET/Synology/archief/syno-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm-ds111.XSH
sh syno-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm-ds111.xsh

We then reboot the Nas, and we will connect via Ssh.

The following steps are to install wget-ssl with FirmWare Dsm 3.1
Execute the following commands (can versions of the ipk files have changed) :

CD /volume1/@tmp
ipkg install libidn_1.21-1_arm.ipk
ipkg install wget-ssl_1.12-2_arm.ipk

The installation of the package wget-ssl, will give conflict with the wget package, still a need to remove it previously :
ipkg remove wget

The following steps to run will be :

CP /usr/syno/bin/wget /opt/bin
ipkg update
ipkg upgrade
ipkg install optware-devel


With this, We have ready our Nas Synology, ready to install additional packages.
It is later articles, I will explain how to install the Servioo Dlna server and downloads PyLoad Manager.


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