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This is my first entry, in which I describe my search for a network hard drive.

Since ago approximately half of the year, He was looking for a network hard drive, to do Backups and Server Multimedia.

Not bad, I will start by the requirements I wanted for my network hard disk.

The main requirement, It is that he had a DLNA Media Server, and have that this well with my player for Blu-Ray Samsung BD-C5500.
The other features, they were rather optional; remote access, web/mysql server, etc.

So far, I use as a server Multimedia DLNA Serviio (www.serviio.org), that is what allows me to work properly : play Mkv, WV; advance/decline; subtitles, etc.
But it is a nuisance by turning on the computer to see a movie, or listening to music,

The following were the albums that I sopesé :

-LaCie Network Space 2 (http://www.LaCie.com/es/products/product.htm?ID = 10451)
Points against, the little information the multimedia server and probably could not play MKV files, something quite common in many of the records of network multimedia server; and also my bad experience with the Lacie brand, networked disks.
In the company where I work, a few years ago we bought several discs of network (LaCie was one of the first brands to get this type of product), for us and for customers, today all have ended up in the trash.

- Buffalo LinkStation; I must say that at the time it was said I opt for this brand; you already have a wide variety of models, and their software seemed fairly complete; but by what I read in the forums, did not seem to play the Mkv files; and I could not find much information players and Samsung Tv compatibility.

- Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 ; the same as the previous, It was not clear that he could play Mkv files.

- D-Link DNS-320 ; This model had just hit the market recently, and there is too much information.

As you can see, These models can be low range; and none of them met the main requirement to be a good Multimedia Server, that surely would have problems to play the Mkv files, and there would not be advance/decline options.

From time to time, performing a search for new models, or if any of them that they had analyzed available any FirmWare update.
Well well, in this search I came across the network Synology disk.
I'm not sure of as it was, but I think was because in the Synology Forum, They spoke of as a FirmWare upgrade allowed select subtitles in the Samsung players; which quite surprised me, Since up to version 0.5.2 of Serviio, This option was not available; and until then only operated the subs with the Samsung Server “PC Share Manager”, in my opinion it leaves much to be desired, but is the most compatible with their players and televisions Samsung.

Initially it had not evaluated this brand, because Stephen above my initial budget, and perhaps by ignorance of the brand.
Once it seemed to have found a network disk, It met my expectations, I started to investigate more thoroughly, taking a pleasant surprise mainly with your Software “DiskStation Manager” (DSM).

To get started, almost all of their models (all except the models more ancient) You can upgrade to the latest version of the Software, and all have the same version; i.e., Low range models share the same Software that range high, they are not castrated; having features more than interesting iScsi, Web server, MySql server, Mail server, Ssh access, etc.

After a first analysis, I discovered that there was another brand with network drives, similar characteristics, QNap. Which elects to refine my search to a product of some of these 2 brands.

The products that I evaluated were as follows (Only with 1 Disco) :

- Synology DS110j (See) : Arm processor of 800 MHz, 128 MB of RAM; for Web server, a little low Cpu and memory.

- Synology DS111 (See) : Arm processor of 1,6 GHz, 256 MB of RAM.

- Qnap TS-110 Turbo Nas (See) : Arm processor 800 MHz, 256 MB of RAM; for a little scarce CPU Web server.

- Qnap TS-112 Turbo Nas (See) : Processor Amr 1,2 GHz, 256 MB of RAM.

The decision was between Syology DS211 and Qnap TS-112, deciding the first by the fact that compatibility with the Samsung player was guaranteed, and to include in your Software a mail server.

I have to say, I purchased the album in the shop cheaper Internet I found; PcCompontes (See ), shop which had already previously purchased, and which are good views.
I also purchased a Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB disk; I would perhaps prefer a Western Digital, but at the time the price of the Seagate was significantly lower.


This ended the first Blog entry.
I hope that someone can serve you help.


- Synology Ds111
Synology Ds11

- Qnap Ts-112
- Qnap TS-112

- Buffalo LinkStation Pro 2 TB

- Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110

- D-Link DNS-320

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